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With over 11,800 unique visitors to this website per month, we realized very early on in this journey that it would be a great idea to open the website to allow those thousands of people a platform to write for our website. If you are as passionate about business and finance as we both are, and you would love to help fellow members access quality content on the web, then why not take an active role in the scottandterry.com community and submit a guest post to our blog. Get in touch with us below to discuss working with us.

What We are Looking for in Our Blog Posts

To keep up with the demand of readers wanting to access topical issues, we need to supply fresh material on a regular basis. After all, when you click on any website, you want to see instant new articles and ideas that relate in some way to the current climate and times.

We are looking for numerous varied articles about anything business or related finance which will create a reaction from those who read it. Whether the article offers advice, recommends specific measures or merely informs the reader of current topical situations, we want to hear what you have to say.

Regarding writing, we aren’t looking for a qualified writer; we just want your expertise and knowledge. We both believe that having a passion for the subject you intend to write about will shine through in the writing itself, so do not let a possible lack of writing skills or experience deter you from submitting to this website. What you have to say is far more important than grammar or spelling when you contribute to our blog.

Topics Included on scottandterry.com for Guest Post Consideration

Though the business and finance industry are vast, we have tried to cover as many categories on this website which visitors can access for all their reading material. However, with the industry changing and continually growing, we will add to the list as and when the need arises. So far, for now, this is a list of the categories we are currently covering on the website:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Self-Employment
  • Small Business
  • Finance
  • Budgeting
  • Debt
  • Mortgage
  • Retirement
  • Savings
  • Stock Market
  • Insurance Tips
  • Real Estate Advice

If after reading through this extensive list, you realize that you have a wealth of knowledge on many topics relating to these subjects, then please don’t be afraid to submit a writing piece for consideration.

Should you need a little more encouragement, this is just a brief sample of the type of article titles that we tend to encourage for publication on the website:

  • Which Accounting Methods Differ Between the Smaller and Bigger of Companies?
  • How Can I take Advantage of the Latest Tax Relief Schemes?
  • Where Do I turn When My Personal Finances Become Too Much to Handle?
  • Should I be Using the Cloud for My Accounts and Documents?
  • How Do I tailor My CRM to Suit My Business’s Individual Needs?

As you can see the subject matter is diverse – but if you find that you have an idea that doesn’t quite fit with the above, we still encourage you to get in touch to discuss its potential. You never know; you may just be responsible for the creation of a new category on the website! Above all don’t be afraid to approach us. We thrive on all new ideas and concepts.

Who You Will Be Writing For

The audience who access this website is a friendly bunch of people who are simply looking to further their current knowledge about financial matters or business topics. They may be new to the industry or seasoned veterans, either way, they choose scottandterry.com for the readily available quality content that is offered. From office juniors and interns to managers and CEO’s, your blog post will reach them all. If you can offer something that will help them on their journey, you are exactly who we are looking for.

What scottandterry.com Can Offer Its Writers

For all our contributing authors, we promise a place on the website under the relevant category for your blog post, alongside a guarantee that your name will be displayed next to your work. If you have devoted your time to researching and writing up a good blog piece that will guide the websites reader, it is only fair we acknowledge your efforts. If you would prefer, we can also mention a social media account link and offer a small bio about your background, thereby letting readers know about your experience in the business and finance world.

Write and Publish Your Post Here

Now comes the easy part! We are often asked what we would prefer; a full article to consider or a proposal of the topic you intend to write about? The truth is, we really don’t have a preference, it is entirely your decision to make! We take time to read all our messages, so whether you prefer to test the water and send a proposed outline of your article or whether you just want to write it all up and then discuss it, we will read your message regardless.

Use the contact form below and we will look at your work and get back to you with an answer straight away. We don’t need you to log in or create a password or even an account. Once you have that article or idea, all it takes is an attachment to the email or contact form and it will be with us within minutes. So, with the submitting process as simple as it can be, all that is left is for you to write your article, and let us take care of the technical part.

Write and publish your post here and we will, together, work on adding quality and knowledgeable articles to our progressive website, enabling everyone to gain wisdom from the fascinating world of business and finance.