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Why You Should Invest in Timber Frame Build Structures

You probably don’t need to be told how the dramatic increases in timber prices are in large part due to the demand for efficient housing. Trees are generally the cheapest material one can use to build a home, with wood, metal, and concrete all costing money. Timber frame structures do not require any special insulation or energy generation systems, and are generally built out of a single piece of lumber. Timber is a renewable resource, which is responsible for 80% of the world’s wood supply and 70% of all timber used today.

Timber is an excellent material for homes, due to it being less prone to rotting and rot, a quality found to be consistent with many other timber materials. Timber frames are relatively simple and inexpensive to construct, being able to be constructed using just a handful of simple tools. An efficient timber frame structure is virtually maintenance free, requiring only minor amounts of maintenance over a long period of time.

Wood tends to have a high failure rate for structural issues, so building using timber can potentially lead to problems with weather and environmental factors, both of which are part of the reason why timber houses tend to be so expensive.

Why Timber has Such a Long History of Popularity

Timber is an extremely versatile building material, and its strength makes it ideal for constructing a wide range of structures. Timber’s primary function has been as a substitute for wood due to its flexibility, which makes it a highly effective building material for traditional homes. Timber has been used for houses for more than five thousand years, and even though it is not very strong, has been used to build houses and bridges in very harsh conditions.

Timber is an extremely strong and resilient material, especially considering it is strong in tension and compression. Timber frames have been used to build boats for centuries, and timber is still widely used to construct buildings. It is also quite resistant to damage from termites.

Many modern timber structures can be constructed using a timber frame structure, even if only a small portion of the structure is made out of wood. Timber structures are capable of being built within tight design specifications, and would not be allowed to be built with wood today, even if it was more readily available. Timber has been a popular building material for centuries due to its strength, durability, and relative low cost.

Durability For the Long Run

Building a timber-framed house is simple and easy with solutions such as Hamill Creek post and beam home kits. Additionally, it would be a highly efficient way to construct a building using a lot of timber, yet wouldn’t involve paying much at all for timber. Timber structures are able to be constructed quickly and efficiently in both colder climates, and more temperate climates. Timber framing provides a reasonable combination of strength, simplicity, and affordability that many consider ideal for a house built using a low-cost timber structure.