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Why Successful Online Gamblers Aren’t Really GAMBLING

When someone walks into a casino and relies on what they believe to be the luck of the draw when placing their bets, this is rightfully referred to as gambling, because that’s exactly what it is. The online gambler who is sitting at his computer or placing more calculated bets on their smartphone or tablet isn’t really gambling though. This type of bettor is more likely to realize some ongoing success out of their ‘gambling’ exploits, but what they’re doing cannot really be referred to as gambling in the true sense of the term’s meaning.

Pros play online casino games with better odds

It’s no secret that there are many people who continue to make a success out what appears to be a professional or semi-pro gambling career, but what they’re doing isn’t purely relying on the luck of the draw, so they’re not pure gamblers. These are people who are applying statistical principles to an industry that is not unlike the main offerings of the financial sector, like trading CFDs. The professional or semi-pro gambler is more of a financial analyst and perhaps even a trader than a pure gambler. In some instances this approach to placing casino bets is catapulted to a high level of professional organization, with the running of betting consultancy-type operations.

Naturally the online space comes into view as the more popular betting channel between that and walking into a physical casino, simply because of all the added advantages of time and monetary savings which come with electing to play online casino games over hitting a brick-and-mortar venue. Organized bettors of this kind understand that better odds are available when playing online, mostly because you can actually take your time between ‘spins’ or spin-cycles to stop and carry out your developed betting strategy – a betting strategy which likely undergoes development dynamically.

Pros play online casino games in groups

‘Syndicate’ is somewhat of a negative word considering the tendency for illegal spot-betting (match-fixing) collectives to be referred to as syndicates, but otherwise that’s exactly what group bettors are – they are betting syndicates. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what they do though and in fact, this approach that they take ensures they can graduate through the ranks much quicker and reach a stage where they can refer to themselves as professionals or semi-pros, placing educated, well-researched bets as opposed to relying on pure luck and gambling.

The most forward-thinking of these organized betting collectives take things beyond relying on winnings as their income or profits, whether they bet on online casinos or if they bet on sports (or both). What they do is document the process, particularly noting those winning bets they make, and then they explore other avenues of monetizing the winning reputation developed. One of ways of doing this goes back to the mentioned betting consultancy, while another of the many other ways of doing so entails something like creating a betting strategy guide and then selling that to budding gamblers who seek to shake the ‘pure-gambler’ tag.