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Which type of Paper Bag will suit your Business the Best?

Paper bags have surged in popularity recently since the introduction of a charge on plastic bags. However the increase in demand means there are plenty of options on the table when it comes to which paper bag is best for your business and to carry the products that you are selling. Keep reading to find out which are best for your business.

Counter Paper Bags

If you are a business that specialises in gifts and arts and crafts then perhaps the ‘counter paper bags’ would be perfect for you. These lightweight compact options can be used as a promotional bag for your business and will stand the weight of most small items as long as you don’t overdo it.

Twisted Handle Bags

If your products are more substantial and require more durable bags then perhaps the twisted handle paper bag would be the best option for you. These sturdy products provide a lot of volume in terms of items to be carried whilst not compromising the structural integrity of the bag.

Folded Handle Paper Bag

The folded handle paper is a great option for those looking to make sure there products are securely packaged whilst not compromising on the style of the paper bag. The folded paper handle provides excellent comfort whilst the usually large bag allows a huge amount of volume for your fantastic products.

The style and material in conjunction with your branding

If your brand is more ‘exclusive’ or even if you are trying to improve the quality ‘feel’ of your company using a variety of paper bags in your shops will give customers a better experience and with a bit of intelligent marketing will get your branding in front of a larger amount of consumers and potential customers.

Going for a more luxurious type of paper will benefit your business in the long run as customers will remember the different aspects of the quality buying experience you offered.

Find a high quality supplier

When you have decided on the type of bag that best suits your products you will need to find a high quality supplier for your business.

Visit the Paper Bag Co for a huge range of quality paper bag products. You will find quality options for all types of paper bags discussed and the best part is all of their goods are environmentally friendly!