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When To Tip The Casino Dealer?

In 1996 casino gambling moved from its traditional roots in land-based casinos to a new online platform. The popularity of online casinos such as Stor Bonus shook the gambling industry to its core and this meant that other forms of gambling moved to the internet as well. Land-based casinos stood their ground despite taking a financial hit. However, some casinos shifted parts of their casino operations online, in order to halt further losses. 

Casino Employees 

Casinos in both forms employ many people, whether it’s dealers in land-based casinos or live chat support that is available at virtual ones. There is also casino etiquette in land-based casinos and this is similar to restaurant etiquette where waiters and waitresses expect tips. Tipping in casinos is optional but dealers would be disappointed if punters do not tip them. The problem is that non-casino regulars are not sure when to tip a dealer and what dealers to tip. In restaurants it’s far more straightforward. You tip the individual serving you, or you leave a tip with your final bill. 

The Tipping Game 

Tipping is always optional but as land-based casino tipping etiquette goes, these are un-written rules. When you are playing Blackjack there are a couple of options for tipping. You can use your casino chips to tip the dealer or you can actually place a bet that is a complimentary bet for the dealer. If you are going to follow Blackjack tipping etiquette, then it is best to get it out of the way whilst you are winning and can afford to do so. 

Roulette tipping is a little more complex and how much you should tip, makes things more confusing still. The waters are further muddied when dealers suddenly change whilst you are playing. This means that you have more dealers to tip, or the one that you spent most time with abruptly ends their shift and you miss tipping them and this leaves you looking bad. 

The most practical tipping when it comes to Roulette is to keep a couple of chips on the side for tips, or when you exchange your play chips for your real money chips, you can sort out the tips then. 

Tipping is also expected at Poker rooms in casinos and if you don’t tip you can found yourself on the end of some unwelcome comments from your fellow Poker players. You can read the body language of a dealer and this is a pretty good way of telling when the tipping should start. If a dealer deliberately slows down the card dealing at your table, then you know that they are either not happy with the current amount of tipping or are giving you the tell tale sign that it’s time to tip. 

Final Thoughts 

Unwritten rules exist throughout society and when it comes to tipping and casinos, it can get pretty confusing. Tipping is expected more at certain table games than others, so always enter the arena with that little extra cash, for tipping purposes.