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What Is The Best Drug Test For Pre-Employment Screening?

Prospective employers often use a company such as Checkr to complete drug screening in the hiring process. If you are currently on your way to employment or are considering going back to work, drug screening may become one of the questions you have to answer for a job. Finding employment isn’t easy and you may not be offered a job if you don’t have a stable employer. When you fill out the job application form, you have to disclose all your private details such as your health, education and medical history. If your drug test results come back positive, it can create problems and conflicts for you. You could be denied a job. You may not be able to get certain documents. The only way to keep your job or get a job is to clear the drug test results.


When you are on your way to employment, drug screening may become one of the most pressing matters in your job search. Although they are so common now, via companies such as Health Street in Oklahoma City and many more, drug testing is still a nerve-wracking part of the employee vetting process. Even if your drug test results come back positive, you could lose your employment. This means you have to go through the process of proving that you are not under the influence of any substance. The aim of this process is to show that your drug test results are not consistent with your lifestyle or how you work. In this situation, drug screening can be a burden as it may be an obstacle in your employment search. This can sometimes mean that the drug screening process may need to be conducted repeatedly.


If you are employed, drug screening could also be part of the background check process. Although the drug screening process could prove beneficial to you when looking for employment, the process could be problematic if you are a cannabis user. Marijuana is legal in many states in the United States, and there are dispensaries, like this Ethos marijuana dispensary, in states where it is legal who can provide all sorts of products for those wishing to consume marijuana, be it for medical or recreational reasons. If you are not hired after the drug screening process, it may be because of marijuana or other illegal drugs that you have used. Whether you are a smoker of marijuana or a drug user, you may face problems in the workplace if you are not clear with your employer about the substance you used. It is best to disclose your drug usage to your prospective employer in advance.

The drug test results can also affect your employment agreement. Your employer could take a clear stand on the matter. They could tell you that your drug test results can be used as an explanation if you have a conflict with your current employer. The employment agreement could state that your drug testing results must not be used against you. If the drug test results are negative, it is best to disclose the information you have to your employer. If the results are positive, the employer would need to let you know. If you fail to disclose the drug test results, your employer may decide to terminate you. It is important to disclose your drug usage to your potential employer in advance.

Drug Screening

The last thing in your job search is to face negative consequences after a drug test. The best drug test for pre-employment screening is a urine or blood test, which can form part of the more comprehensive 10 panel drug screen. Many indicators are gauged, making it that much more difficult to try and beat it in any of the cunning ways that exist, like using inhibitors, etc.