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Times When Technology Went Overboard

Technology is innovation on steroids. That is why we always seem to have new technology advancements each day. And as much as we do appreciate all the advancements that come with technology, there are times when the tech geniuses went a bit too overboard and gave us inventions that had us more shocked than amazed. And below we shall look at some of inventions.

A little Too Much Technology Here

Condom Wearable

We did mention that we love technology right, especially since it gave online casino games at casino en ligne france, but here we think they may have taken it a bit too far with the i.Con, the condom wearable. i.Con is not a condom, but it is ring that is placed around the condom base in order to track everything from the thrust velocity to the calories burned. The makers of the i.Con promise that all the data will kept anonymous but users can always share their data if they want to.

Bluetooth Fork

We know that you would not have thought of this even in a million years, and yet it exists, a Bluetooth Fork. Although we have to admit that mixing technology with cutlery was never a good idea, but well, technology always finds a way around it. With the Bluetooth fork, you can measure fork servings as well as the number of times that you bring your fork to your mouth.

Smart Changing Pad

With this device, you are able to monitor the way that you baby eats, their growth as well as what type of diaper they need. And, since technology brings something new while getting rid of the old, we think that’s what the Smart Changing Pad does. Although it means that if you use it you will have to constantly check your phone for updates about your baby.  Since we can never spend too much on children, this just might be worth it for some people. Some gambler who are addicted to online casino games prefer this kind of device to relieve them from some of their duties.