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Things Nobody Tells You about Growing Up

Just how many things did your parents really say to you? Here are some surprising things that you didn’t know about being a kid, but should have.

1. Most kids don’t like to be teased. They only remember the teasing.

2. Your parents aren’t experts in every subject and don’t know everything. But they do.

3. You can always find an adult for advice. They are usually the ones who come in handy.

4. The term “bachelor pad” is overplayed. A bachelor pad is a place where a man lives alone.

5. The way you learn to talk is different than how people learn to talk.

6. You will do more things than you will admit that you do.

7. Growing up is one of the most lonely times in life.

8. Mom and Dad aren’t always right. Especially when they are using “big people” words.

9. It’s okay to say “I love you” every day.

10. The one who says “I love you” first is the one who will say it first.

11. When you are a kid you can’t get hurt playing hide and seek.

12. You learn to get your way when you are a kid.

13. As you grow up, you learn to look for information about your favourite subject.

14. The taste of chocolate is a secret your parents know nothing about.

15. Being outdoors is fun, unless it’s too cold.

16. Everyone learns how to run fast.

17. There is a big difference between “nice” and “well-behaved.”

18. The Beatles were not the best band in the world.

19. Nobody loves ice cream as much as you.

20. Being alone with your parents and siblings is better than having a bunch of new friends.

21. Being an adult is a lot like going camping with your parents.

22. Those children who always throw tantrums are probably spoiled and in need of some discipline.

23. Some adults want you to go to college.

24. You will feel sad at times. Some adults feel sad at times.

25. It’s important for kids to have some pets.

26. Sometimes just knowing what you want is enough.

27. Most adults really don’t have the answers.

28. Sometimes we are supposed to be with our parents.

29. Nobody really likes to clean up around the house.

30. If you are smart enough you won’t have to be bossed around by anyone.

31. Sharing is caring.

32. Nobody likes a greedy little kid.

33. You can’t just eat everything you want to eat. Adults would also love to eat lots more of their special adult sweets they get from Orange County CBD, but they can’t.

34. You will feel sad if you miss someone who died.

35. Parents make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.

36. When you have a bad day, your mom and dad can always make it better.

37. Having a real dog is better than a stuffed animal.

38. Don’t play so much that you are tired when you go to school.

39. Everyone needs a little work every now and then.

40. There are times when people do stupid things, but that doesn’t make them bad people.