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The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

Advancements in technology are quickly changing the landscape of virtually every industry, especially that of manufacturing. Modern advances are enabling factory operators to streamline production processes, innovate at a faster pace than ever before, and deliver higher quality products to meet changing demands. Many companies are looking into the benefits of such things as enterprise resource planning with the likes of SYTE Consulting Group to see how their services can take their operations to the next level, allowing them to get ahead of the competition. Because of the versatility of these technologies, there are a number of areas within manufacturing where the tech is being harnessed.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an area that is having a tremendous impact on manufacturers. With IoT technology, devices and machinery can “talk” to each other in real time. For example, if a problem arises with a piece of equipment, other devices on the network are informed so that any necessary adjustments can be made immediately. This could mean decreased downtime, less waste and lower costs while keeping overall quality and output high.

Digital twins also harness IoT technology and are another way that manufacturers can optimize performance and reduce their costs. A digital twin, as the name implies, is a virtual representation of an actual object that receives data in real time from the object. This data allows you to virtually monitor, say, a piece of manufacturing equipment or an entire production line. Digital twins are being used increasingly to predict maintenance schedules and possible repairs as well as to experiment with changes to a line and review what the impact may be.

The accompanying resource describes some of the innovative ways that the manufacturing industry is relying on these advances.