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The Anatomy of a Successful Full-Time Gambler

As is the case with pretty much every other industry, especially those industries which are more of a conventional nature, some of the most successful full-time gamblers are rather inconspicuous in their movements and mannerisms. For example, you might visit a Southeast Asian country and stay in the cheapest hostel you can find, only to discover that one of your roomies at what is the cheapest place of accommodation is in actual fact a successful full-time gambler. As you get to know him you discover that he could very well be living it up in a five-star hotel because he definitely has the money to do so, yet he chooses to slum it out with what often turns out to be nothing more than savvy travellers who decide not to waste money unnecessarily.

This – choosing to spend as little money as one has to spend forms part of the anatomy of a successful full-time gambler, along with three other traits.

Mastering a core casino sites betting strategy

A successful full-time gambler is particularly adept at picking up patterns where the average person doesn’t seem to recognise any, which leads to the development of some kind of winning strategy that sees the gambler winning more times than they lose. Incrementally, this adds up to a cash-positive balance which is often built up very gradually and through the exercising of great patience. Additionally the strategy developed proves to be effective when deployed throughout a core of casino sites, which leads us to one of the reasons that make up the next pointer featured as part of the anatomy of successful full-time gamblers, which is using a narrow selection of casino sites they appear to prefer.

More on that in a bit though…

There’s a simple logic behind seeking to master a core strategy which is to be implemented across a selection of betting sites, which is the fact that casino games are pretty much all the same when differentiated into a few categories or genres. All games are pretty much a variation of poker, including online slots, except when we get into odds-based numbers games, like the roulette.

Using a narrow selection of preferred casino sites

Although over a given stretch of time a successful full-time gambler will appear to be using the same casino sites on which to place their bets and implement their strategy, this occurs in cycles. You see, just like how they see lodging at the cheapest accommodation as a strategic move, full-time gamblers see new casino sites as brand new opportunities to discover fresh sources of income and to enjoy the new-player bonuses usually offered on new platforms.

Pursuing peripheral opportunities around casino sites

Finally, successful full-time gamblers don’t rely solely on winnings for their casino income. What they do is pursue peripheral opportunities around those casino sites, such as blogging or vlogging about their exploits, mostly sharing their dynamic strategies, or even establishing themselves as crowd-pullers who get paid to feature at specific events.

Indirect monetization methods are also deployed, such as selling advertising around content they publish in exploration of the online casino niche.