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What it Really Takes to be an Online Poker Millionaire

Becoming an online poker millionaire, while highly difficult, is possible.

Thanks to the internet, poker is now accessible to people who can log online. they no longer have to pool their friends to play poker. All they need to do is choose an online poker site where they can ply their craft and earn money from the pot against people from all over the world. Although the poker boom has slowed down, the convenience and ease of playing poker online have inspired a wave of online poker players to turn this game into a profession.

The chances of becoming a millionaire in a game predicated on variables beyond your control are very low. However, this hasn’t stopped people from taking poker as a profession in the hopes of winning lots of cash, if not become a millionaire.

Despite all the professional online poker players in the world, only a handful of them won a total of seven figures in cash. In this post, you will learn how to become an online poker millionaire by looking at the biggest online winners and finding out what it took for them to achieve the glory.

Three professional online poker players who became millionaires

Chris Moorman

In an article written by fellow professional poker player Steven Holloway, he described Moorman as “patient, disciplined, super-aggressive and a MacGyver-like problem solver.” Moorman won over $20 million on Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker alone, which speaks volumes of his skill and abilities.

In 2011, Moorman was bankrolling 20 different players in the hopes of increasing his cash flow. However,  the opposite happened. The $100k total he won one day would be lost from him on the same day because of the players he was funding. Therefore, he cut ties with all the players and took matters into his own hands. Within the next five months, he won over $2 million dollars from the tournaments he joined.

The biggest takeaway from Moorman’s exceptional poker skills was his even more incredible work ethic. He worked 20 tables every day for ten hours each day. Coupled with his obsession with fixing his game after a loss, and you have a recipe for an online poker millionaire.

Faraz Jaka

Jaka started his professional poker career after his college graduation in 2007. It took him only two years to win “Player of the Year” by the World Poker Tour and over $2.5 million in total from his wins.

Through his journey, he traveled all over the world and had roller coaster ride of an experience playing poker. Despite his losses, he was “pot committed,” which means that he is committed to his cards even though they are stinkers.

However, poker has led him to a different destination in 2013. He still frequents online poker tournaments but he was living life to the fullest without having any possessions other than his essentials (and laptop, of course). It’s an interesting look at a life of an online poker millionaire who’s won more than enough and discovered a life of contentment out of the excesses.

Greg Himmelbrand

Lots of poker players will sympathize with Himmelbrand’s story. He started playing cash games in 2008, making modest earnings when improving his craft with every win. It was in 2013 when he finally decided to join a tournament where he came in second with over $240k cash prize. From here, Himmelbrand adopted the tournament mindset and started thinking big bucks. In 2014, he participated in 37 live tournaments and squeaked by the top 100 of the WSOP Main Event for a total of $61k cash prize.

His workhorse output and determination allowed him to earn over $1 million in total cash prize in 2015. His experience goes to show that you don’t have to be winning out of the gate in poker. Sometimes, it takes a slow burn like a couple of years playing cash games before pulling the gun to join the tournaments. His steady growth in the poker ranks in something that the wave of online poker players needs to take note.

Are you the next online poker millionaire?

As mentioned, the examples of online poker millionaires above are rare. There are grinders like 27-year old Hemi Mulligan from New Zealand. According to Holloway in his article, he continues to play cash games starting at $2/4 and $5/10 blinds. He’s earned a respective amount of money over the years but not enough to qualify him to the bigger pots.

With so many players online and resources available to help people become better poker players, it’s much more difficult to break through the glass ceiling and wins boatloads of cash in a short time. However, the examples of online poker millionaires above should serve as your glimmer of hope to continue slogging through until you find your rhythm.