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Eight Strange Facts About Vaping

Vaping has helped provide a way out of a dangerous habit for millions of smokers around the world, and has become a multi-billion pound industry in its own right.  Here are ten little-known facts about this extraordinary phenomenon.

  1. Vaping is possible in a huge range of exotic flavors

Mint, beer, marshmallow, bubblegum and malt whiskey – these are just a few of the more eccentric flavors available to the everyday vaper.  Smoking cigarettes was never as much fun.

  1. Vaporizer Batteries Can Explode

But it is exceptionally rare, with only about five cases reported each year in the United States.  All the same that’s quite a shock to be getting from your cigarette substitute.

  1. The Big Tobacco Giants are Already in on the Act

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, it actually makes good business sense considering that the conventional smoking industry is dying on its feet.  Those big companies who were largely responsible for weaning us onto cigarettes are now actively involved in weaning us off them again – in favor of a new product, naturally.

  1. Nothing Burns When You Vape

No lighter is used to ignite an e-cigarette as batteries are used to make heat. The device also includes a vaporizer and a cartridge where the liquid goes. As you start puffing the e-cigarette, the battery activates the heater to heat the liquid inside and starts vaporizing it.  There is no smoke, it is odorless and what you inhale is pure vapor.

  1. The Vape Pod System is Worth Trying First

With all the different parts and models that there are on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. If you aren’t yet a vape connoisseur but are eager to try all the different flavored vape pens available, a vape pod system by Mig Vapor or any other leading provider may be just the device to help ease you into vaporizing.

  1. The Law is Silent on Vaping in Public

Unlike with cigarettes, there is no legislation as yet as to where you can and cannot vape when in a public place as no smoke is produced.  Doubtless it will come, but as of yet it is a thing that can be done anywhere.

  1. “Cloud Chasers” Turn Vaping into an Art Form

There is always one – in this case the “cloud chaser” who will go to extraordinary lengths, including customizing his or her e-cigarette, to create a larger and thicker cloud than is the norm with this product.  Drags are taken with the purpose in mind of maximizing impact, and a dense cloud is considered the pinnacle of success in this endeavour.

  1. Vaping is Providing Opportunities for Small and Medium Business

There is a whole range of opportunity that has accompanied the rising popularity of vaping, including wholesale, retail, sales, affiliate marketing, drop shipping and the manufacture of vapors and product accessories.  Online sellers have constructed dedicated e-shops to market and distribute the product to buyers.