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Step by Step Guide on How to Play Online Slots

Slots online games are quickly becoming some of the most popular games to play online. They are attractive to the eye, have many different bonus features and there are so many different themes to choose from. There are games at Star Slots to suit every type of player, but where exactly do you start? 

Choose the Online Slot

There are so many options for you to choose from that sometimes it can be rather overwhelming and confusing, even for players who spend a lot of their time playing slots games online. This is not unusual. See if there are any slots games that look appealing to you – there might be a theme that you are interested in or a topic that has relevance to your life. Some people want to play slots games that they have to follow whereas other people prefer to play slots that are simply cute. A really popular example of this is Fluffy Favourites. Remember that it is not just the brightest, flashiest and most eye-catching slots that are the best payout methods so have a look around before you begin to play. 

RTP and Variance

The RTP and the variance level will show you the difficulty of the slots game and the likelihood that you will be able to win cashback when playing it. These figures legally have to be shown so take a look around and compare multiple different slots game with each other to see which one would give you a better result potentially. The RTP is the return to player and this is displayed as a percentage. The higher this percentage, the more likely you are to be able to win money back on this slots game. No slots game is ever 100% but there are many slots game with a 99% RTP so look out for these games. It is worth noting that the higher the percentage of the RTP, the less sizeable the returns will be although they will be more frequent. This is all determined by the variance level, sometimes known as the volatility. This is the ease of which you will be able to win at all and will affect the size of your wins. This scale is generally done in low, mid and high volatility although some boundaries are commonly crossed, such as mid to high variance. The lower the variance, the more likely you are to win but the smaller the cash quantities will be, though the frequency of wins will be high. It is worth mentioning that if you are looking for the style of slots games where you can become a millionaire in the spin of a reel, it is the high variance slots that you need to be playing on. 


Whether you are new to slots game or are an old hand, there are promotions in the gaming world that you can and should take advantage of. These can range from anything from free cash, free spins and doubling your deposit. These offers can be a great way of increasing the amount of credit you have, the time you spend playing and the amount of enjoyment you get from playing on slots games online. There are so many different gaming sites available online that they compete with each other for your attention. Due to this, they want to offer the best deals possible to entice you in. So if you are wanting to play on a new online gaming site then this can be a great way for you to be able to do so at either a much reduced rate or for free so you aren’t having to spend any of your credit at all. 


Creating a bankroll before you start playing slots is a good idea whether you are a newcomer to the online slots world or an experienced player. This is the best way to stop yourself from getting into financial difficulty and will ensure that you do not get an addiction to gambling, too. Slots games are very enticing and are able to draw you in for long periods of time but you want to be able to have sustainability for playing for those long periods. For this reason, bankrolling stops you from playing above and beyond your means. Once your bankroll has run out for that session of slots play, you should never add to it and once you have used all of your money, your time playing slots has come to an end. 

Look at the Bet Limits

As with any game, you need to know the limits as to what amount of money are needed to be bet with. This applies to both the lower and upper limits so that you get satisfaction in comparison to your financial situation. For example, you don’t want to be playing on a slots game that requires a £5 minimum bet if you only have £10 acting as your bankroll. In this situation, it would be much better if you found a game with a lower minimum bet such as 10p so that you could spend more time playing on your slots game before you money ran out and you might stand more chance of actually winning something in return. Similarly, if you have a larger bankroll, say £1000, playing for 10p will not give you a great deal of excitement as the stakes are not going to be high enough to keep you entertained for a particularly long period of time. You will also not see a great return on playing this small style stake when you have such a sizeable bankroll. But everything is comparative and very subjective to the individual playing the slots game. 

Slots Fun

As long as you do a little research before you choose the next slots game you are going to play and take note of all of the most important factors, then you should be fine. The most important things are that you have fun, are well entertained and always stay safe whilst playing slots online.