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The Rise of Food Based Subscription Services

Subscription based products are creating a splash across many different industries, with everything from tea to razors appearing on our doorsteps on a regular basis. The food industry is one of the fastest growing sectors for subscription based products, but what is driving this effect?

Improved Logistics

Just a few years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible to ship fresh produce er long distances. However, major advancements in chilling and the delivery chain have made this easy and affordable. Increased tracking and updates also make consumers more comfortable with the concept of receiving food in this way. They know where the package has been and how long it has spent on each step of the way.

By working closely with couriers, companies like Mindful Chef are able to provide a good customer experience. In an interview with Rajapack, a leading packaging provider, Mindful Chef explained that transparency created greater consumers trust, and also allowed faster problem solving in the event of a customer query.

Mass Appeal

We all enjoy good food, which is what gives these products mass appeal. While make-up, sock, or perfume subscriptions target a niche, food appeals to everyone. What’s more, consumers can customise their choices for specific diets, like vegetarian or gluten free, and receive a great range of snacks or meal options without the need to wander around the supermarket trying to identify appropriate products.

Convenience Factor

Our lives are increasingly busy, and anything that promises to make things easier will likely appeal to consumers. These food-based subscription services aren’t just promising a meal, they’re promising time away from the supermarket or kitchen. The pain points of food shopping or forgetting ingredients are immediately solved by these food boxes.

These only need to appeal to us for a second or two to prompt a purchase. This snap judgment is ever more commonplace, with online purchases made faster than ever before.


Reaching interested consumers is the key to a successful business and this is also true in the food subscription market. With increased marketing options through social media and online advertisement, it’s possible for companies to reach a large audience, without a large price tag.

Being able to extol the virtues of their service, often with a discount incentive, has pushed these businesses to the fore. If the quality is good and the experience is acceptable, then the consumer will also be more likely to pass on a recommendation.

A genuine word of mouth recommendation can be much stronger than an advertisement, as it comes from a real person. While this kind of marketing obviously cannot be bought directly, by creating the best possible customer experience, you maximize the chances of word spreading organically from person to person.

Though many subscription-based services can be a flash in the pan, it seems clear that food based products of this sort are here to stay. With the exponential growth already achieved, and ongoing advances in food science and delivery methods, there’s no end to the possibilities.