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Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs

With so many individuals taking the entrepreneur route, it’s little wonder that an abundance of entrepreneur blogs have been created all over the world wide web. Yet, with a mammoth of blogs to choose from, how do you ensure you are accessing the best ones for your own situation? With time a precious commodity when becoming an entrepreneur, it is vital your reading material is the best quality it can be if it is to help you on your journey.

Luckily, both Scott and I have sifted through the huge number of blogs on the internet to narrow it down to practical proportions. These are ten of some of the must-read blogs that we have discovered which are currently the best:

  1. LinkedIn Today
  2. Quora
  3. Both Sides of The Table
  4. Pando Daily
  5. Wise Bread
  6. How to Change the World
  7. Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist
  8. All Business
  9. Small Biz Survival
  10. Steve Blank

LinkedIn Today

This would tend to be our first recommendation due to most entrepreneur’s having an account with LinkedIn already. However, what’s so special about this entrepreneurial blog is its ability to offer only relevant information based on your personal circumstances. LinkedIn Today will cleverly use your professional profile alongside your social connections to deliver the most tailored article to your specific circumstances.


There are two main reasons to like this website. Firstly, you can access and follow any entrepreneur that you wish to, with an exhaustive list of names available. Secondly, this is a question and answer website. This means should you want to ask an expert a question about anything entrepreneurial based, you post it to the website for the community to vote on it. The best questions then stand a chance of being answered by the most influential entrepreneur in the business today – and we are talking here about Mark Zuckerberg for starters!

Both Sides of The Table

If you are looking for direct words of wisdom from an entrepreneur himself, look no further than Both Sides of The Table. This blog is aptly named due to its creator, Mark Suster making the transition from a twice timed entrepreneur to a VC! This means Mark is well placed to write on almost every business aspect that you may well come across in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Pando Daily

An extensively compiled website, Pando boasts a heavily knowledgeable band of bloggers who know exactly what they are writing about! With a huge tech background, this blog aims to become the place to visit for all members of Silicon Valley. What is great about this site is its exclusive interviews with some of the most highly profiled entrepreneurs in the industry. With a wealth of information offered for many start-ups, this is a great way of accessing essential key information from this industry.

Wise Bread

This is a wonderfully helpful guide that encourages entrepreneurs to take heed of all its available tips for managing their finances. With the understanding that entrepreneurs and indeed small businesses, need to watch their profit line perhaps more carefully than bigger businesses and corporations, Wise Bread has a wealth of advice on how to do this. With several writers specializing in individual areas of the business world, this is a friendly and easily accessible blog.

How to Change the World

This is a wonderful inspirational read for all those interested in the entrepreneurial journey. How to Change the World is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki who is not only a successful author but also Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures. Guy’s books concentrate on business and marketing and this blog strives to offer this subject material as well as much of his own experience and expertise in dealing with all things entrepreneur based.

Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist

When you realize that Penelope is, in fact, a successful entrepreneur three times over, it is understandable that her blog would make this list! However, even though Penelope is a serious founder and CEO, she prefers to approach her blog with a wide dose of humor! Not one to mince her words, Penelope believes it is possible, even vital, to see the humorous side of the business world, especially as an entrepreneur.

All Business

This blog really is all about business! Brimming with the wise words of every type of entrepreneur, this is the blog where all business bloggers can offer readers their expertise and wisdom. With many subjects covered, whether it is marketing or finance related, there is no shortage of helpful and relevant articles from this website. With content regularly updated, even on the weekends, this is the place to access the most up-to-date entrepreneurial articles.

Small Biz Survival

With an impressive and well-designed layout, the Small Biz Survival blog was founded by a small-time entrepreneur who then enlisted the help of other professionals to contribute their expertise. Becky McCray is not afraid to post about her own successes and failures which she has experienced in great bouts since becoming an entrepreneur. The result is a website which has become part of the top 100 small business blogs, ranking at number 16!

Steve Blank

For a more educational look at the world of the entrepreneur, Steve Blank is the blog to refer to. As a renowned Professor of Entrepreneurship at several universities, there is nothing Steve hasn’t come across in his years of teaching on the subject. If it is a topic or category that you are looking to read more into, Steve’s blog is perfect for offering guidance on every entrepreneurial topic of conversation. With step-by-step guidance, this is a wonderful knowledgeable website.

Whether you are new to the world of the entrepreneur or even if you have been working this way for some time now, these blogs will have something of interest for whatever situation or circumstances you currently find yourself in on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you can spend an hour a day or even just a few minutes each time, why not look at one or two of these blogs and see for yourself how they could offer you some extra knowledge of assistance.