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Most common bingo rewards

Are you a bingo lover and keen to try out online bingo? Bingo is such a fun game and whether you play it at your local pub, social club, bingo hall or if you’ve dabbled your virtual bingo dabbler in online bingo, it’s a brilliant way to have fun while winning huge prizes! The buzz of bingo is well known and it has been popular with players for centuries.


One of the reasons why bingo has remained popular throughout the years is because it is so easy to play, it’s a very energetic game and because it’s a game of chance, all you need is Lady Luck to be on your side – no advanced or complicated gambling strategy required whatsoever! All you need is enthusiasm and your bingo dabbler and you’re ready to go and if you play online it’s even easier as all you’ll need is the device you choose to play on – be that a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – join us now!


As you might notice if you’re a big bingo fan, bingo has recently had a surge in popularity and the game has been experiencing a revival all thanks to advancements in technology making it more available to a wider demographic of players. Bingo is no longer just for your Nan to play down the local bingo hall or at a village social club, all kinds of players of different ages and genders enjoy the game and play online day and night. Thanks to smartphones, apps and online bingo sites the much-loved game is so much more accessible than ever before which has meant many more people have discovered the buzz that bingo brings! 


Sound right up your street? In that case, you’ll need to know about some of the best bingo rewards available so you can make the most of your online bingo experience. 

Rewards & Bonuses 

The best advice when it comes to rewards and bonuses is to take advantage of them whenever you can and don’t limit yourself to playing on just one online bingo site! There are tons and you may as well go where the best incentives are to play to make the most of it. 

Welcome Bonuses:

If you’re new to an online casino or online bingo site you will notice that the vast majority offer juicy welcome bonuses for you to sink your teeth into and take advantage of! These welcome bonuses will not only give your bankroll a much-welcomed boost but it will also give you a greater chance to play and win real cash prizes! Don’t worry too much about loyalty when it comes to these welcome and sign up bonuses, there is little reward in only joining one online bingo site, so join as many different online bingo sites as you like that offer you welcome bonuses to maximise on the offers, after all, it would be rude not to when a lot of them are too tempting and juicy! 


Of course, online bingo sites presume that you will do this, after all, you’d be mad not to! And so casino operators put in place wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is essentially the amount you will need to be to be able to make to be able to actually withdraw any of your winnings, otherwise everyone would simply take the free bonuses and rewards and withdraw their winnings and never actually bet – which would be extremely bad news for the online casinos and bingo operators! 


There is also a really important reason that wagering requirements are necessary, apart from to keep the bingo and gambling industry profitable, and that’s due to money laundering regulations. All online casinos and online bingo providers need to comply with anti-money laundering legislation to be able to operate because if there were no wagering requirements, the sites would be a hotbed for criminals who would deposit their money earned from criminal activity and then immediately withdrawing “clean” money from the online casino, so there really is a very important reason why wagering requirements are essential to the safe and legal operation of online casinos and online bingo operators! 

Loyalty Bonuses

It’s not just new players that can reap rewards playing bingo at online bingo sites, players who use certain bingo operators regularly and returning players can also cash in on bingo rewards. This is brilliant news if you’re a regular player who has exhausted all of your welcome bonuses! Many bingo operators run Loyalty Schemes where they reward players so make sure to check which bingo operators offer these schemes are they can be extremely rewarding. 


These may be called different things depending on which online bingo operator it is, but they may be called Rewards Clubs, Loyalty Schemes or Bingo Clubs, but what they all have in common is they offer players brilliant rewards to playing regularly and many of them are a little like having a loyalty card or a club car where you earn points when you play bingo. You can earn points playing bingo games as well as other games on the site and any points you earn can be swapped for bets towards bingo games!  With many of these loyalty programmes, when you sign up to a bingo site you are often automatically enrolled, but it is worth checking this as if you aren’t signed up you could be missing out on amazing rewards!  


With these exciting loyalty programmes, you can start earning points as soon as you sign up and deposit money into your online account. There are various different tiers with the rewards clubs which will have different levels of rewards depending on how often you play online bingo on the particular bingo operator’s site, from the rookie, regulars, pros, master players and VIPs. The VIP level is often by invitation from the bingo site only and will mean you can build up points even faster, earning more points for the games you play and getting even more rewards. 


What’re you waiting for? Get that bingo buzz and start earning fantastic rewards that will help you to hit the bingo jackpot!