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Mixbook Avails Appealing Happy Holiday Card Templates

During holidays such as Christmas, we often send holiday gifts and forget to accompany them with a custom photo card that can elicit an unforgettable experience. Photo cards allow you to create a seasonal greeting and personalize it to speak to the heart of your relationship with your family and friends. Finding the best photo site with the best happy holiday card templates for you to design, print and ship your custom photo cards can be challenging.

Mixbook.com offers you hundreds of fully customizable happy holiday card templates for every occasion. You can select a design from several options and make a unique holiday card. Choose Mixbook for an eye-catching luxurious card designed from happy holiday card templates. Here are the benefits of creating your holiday photo card with Mixbook.

Ease to use

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time understanding a photo book site to design a photo card. We all want an easy-to-use site for our custom photo cards. Mixbook bridges this niche by availing a scrapbooking software that is easy to navigate even when you are computer illiterate. The photo editor is easy to use when you want to browse through several happy holiday card templates. Mixbook accommodates both beginners and professional photographers who want to create photo cards. They avail a starter package for editing amateurs. This package contains the necessary information you need to get started with your first photo card. They also have an embedded live chat tool where you can provide feedback or even ask for guidance from a professional editor regarding the many happy holiday card templates. You can follow their step by step guidelines and choose from their exquisitely designed happy holiday card templates to create an unforgettable personalized card.


Mixbook allows you to enjoy your time, work, and effort in customizing their happy holiday card templates. You get the freedom to explore your creativity from anywhere at any given time and get rights over your creative content. You can upload personal photos from your google account for creating a holiday card. You do not need to worry if the picture that adds a personal touch to your photo card is in platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and SmugMug. You need to link your free Mixbook account and upload your digital photos at your convenient time.

Happy Holiday Card Templates Are 100% Customizable

The fun in availing customizable happy holiday card templates is to allow you to explore the receiver’s hobbies, likes, and personal interests and be able to design a photo card they will love. Mixbook gives endless customization possibilities you can explore. You will get hundreds of inbuilt themes ranging from traditional designs to contemporary themes to share the holiday message from your hearts consent. You can either begin with a blank design or customize their generic designs. You will also get the best finishes such as classic signature matte or satin sheen for your holiday card.

Get Quality Customer Service

You get top quality services beginning from assisted editing, quality printing, and timely shipping. Mixbook will give you quality and reliable customer service as you choose happy holiday card templates that suit your style. We offer you money back guarantee if the printed custom photo cards do not match the quality of the online designs.