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Making Your Employees Feel Safe At Work

If you own or manage a business, one of the things that will ultimately make your company profitable is the fact that you have to make your employees feel safe at work. Without that sense of duty and security, you’ll end up with low-quality employees, or you will have to fill jobs in your workplace that have a high turnover-rate as people leave to go somewhere else.

There are several types of safety to consider when it comes to your employees. There is physical safety, as they have to feel like they won’t be physically harmed in or around your business. There is psychological safety, which means that you provide a non-toxic workplace for them. There is financial safety in that they feel like the right types of insurance and financial buffer zones are present. And then there’s the fact that you should always ask for feedback to find out if there is something unusual that is making them feel unsafe.

Physical Safety

The most important thing at work is physical safety. Especially with the jobs that are inherently dangerous, you have to make your employees feel that they are surrounded by all of the necessary precautions. In addition to doing things like following OSHA regulations, you should also let them know where the nearest urgent care facility is, where any first-aid kits are, and any other information as it pertains to their physical well-being.

Psychological Safety

Then there is the matter of psychological safety. Anyone who has ever worked in a toxic environment knows that it can feel psychologically damaging. If there are aggressive people at work, or ones that are consistently negative, as a hiring manager, you need to remove those people from the situation, so that everyone else can feel safe doing their jobs.

Financial Safety

Financial safety is another big factor. Do your employees feel like they are financially secure? Does your company have processes in place for things like Worker’s Compensation, overtime pay, or yearly bonuses? Even though the standard rate of pay isn’t necessarily what makes employees most happy, that sense of continuity financially can make a huge difference in their overall work efforts.

Asking for Feedback

Sometimes you don’t notice everything as a manager either. Sometimes you should ask your employees for feedback. Particularly when it comes to safety issues, there may be some aspect of the workday that you don’t entirely understand. It might be a place that they work in your shop. It might be a particular activity that they do. But if there’s any way that you can improve the safety of everyday activities, that should always be one of your top priorities, and a feedback loop is an excellent way to get that.