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Income Diversity in 2021

After a turbulent year something that has become apparent to many is that having some diversity in your income streams can certainly set you up for success in the future, and many individuals have started to seek out different opportunities to find other sources of income on the side. Some approaches have been much more successful than others, and there are a fortunate few who have certainly been able to turn things around with good fortunate and good planning. But where have the biggest opportunities been found by the successful few?

Investing and trading – One that has gained a lot of attention at the start of this year in particular had been with retail trading opportunities and other investments – whilst crypto has found a home in many services as bitcoin games at thebestcasinos.co.uk for example have grown, it has entered a bit of a rough patch given the crackdown in China and recent concerns around the environmental impact could lead to a continued drop for this as an investment option. Similarly, retail trading with the likes of GameStop has hit the news throughout the year too, encouraging many individuals to try their own hand at trading stocks – it is a bit of a gamble, but if you’re lucky enough to get into a good spot then you can certainly come off much better out afterwards.

Gig Workers Have Made $2 Billion Using Fiverr | PYMNTS.com(Image from pymnts.com)

Freelance platforms have been invaluable – For the crafty types and the professionals alike, sites that allow for freelancers to register their own business and start selling their services or products have been huge over the past year, those like Fiverr and Etsy have led to individuals finding huge success in opening their own businesses off the back of the freelance options and finding huge success too. Those having their own ‘side hustle’ as well as a regular job have increased over time thanks to these platforms and have provided the much-needed income diversity for those hoping to find a longer-term solution. The opportunities have come through in all shapes and sizes, and whilst seeing the lucky few make six figures through these platforms only working a few days a week it does inspire change, whilst not all ventures will find this same level of success if you are looking at making a change to secure more security for yourself in the future then there are certainly lessons to be learned as well as somewhat of a blueprint on where the biggest successes can be found – it’s certainly something worth exploring if you haven’t done so yet, and if you’re able to turn your free time into an opportunity to earn a little on the side, then it’s worth trying out in the short term to see if it’s something for you.