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Improve Your Online Branding With These Tips

In this digital era, if you do not have a strong online presence, you are going to have a hard time driving customers to your business. Most of the customers today rely on websites and customer reviews to determine whether a brand is worth looking at. This is especially true if a business does not have a physical store and a tangible product that customers can look at. Service providers and online shops will have to rely on the convincing powers of their online content to persuade potential customers that they are a reliable brand.

The importance of having an online presence

Google has pretty much full control of search results, with their ever-changing algorithms and their definition of what reliable and relevant content is. For this reason, countless companies have started shifting their marketing attention online, executing various digital marketing strategies that should drive traffic to their website and various social media channels. Just thinking about how many websites already exist today, you might think that it’s impossible to stand out. However, you should trust that Google will reward brands that offer value to users. But first, you must make a good online impression using an effective SEO plan

Here are some of the ways you can build a successful online reputation that results to significant conversion.

Make sure no other website has your domain

Always assume that no matter how unique you think your domain and tagline are, that there are people who think similarly as you and will come up with the same thing. One of the most effective ways to find out if there are websites with the same domain name but with a different extension is through a WHOIS lookup. It is a publicly available list of purchased domain names and their website owners. You can contact them and ask of you can buy their domain. Or, you can purchase all the extensions so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it at the start.

Encourage customers to leave reviews

Customer testimonials and reviews allow people to share their experiences with your service or product. This could be a good source for getting points of improvement in your conversion funnel, and at the same time, know which part of your business you should leave as is. But reviews serve another purpose: it strengthens your credibility. Good reviews can supplement your content in persuading potential customers to seek out your products and service. It will show them that your product or service works, and that you are a reliable business.

Show off your awards and other recognitions

If your business is mentioned in articles or magazines, or if you have received awards, do not hesitate to boast about it. Other than reviews, being recognised by award-giving bodies and publications means other credible sources are legitimizing your business and what you provide for people.

Establish expertise

You can do this by publishing articles on your own website and writing as a guest for other people. Being able to share your knowledge as an industry leader is an added value that your customers will definitely appreciate. You can also do videos and offer eBooks on your website. However, avoid using technical jargon. Remember that you are writing for people who aren’t working in your industry; so make it understandable to the layperson.

These are industry best practices that you can apply on your website, even if you do not have the technical SEO knowledge as a background. Follow these tips and you will definitely see a significant boost on your online credibility and visibility for your brand in no time.