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How to Prolong Your Online Casino Gaming Time

When you put down a casino chip or you allocate some funds to a online casino slots game you might be playing, sure, one of the reasons you do so should definitely be for the fun of it, but the likelier reason is that somewhere in the back of your mind you hope to walk away with some mega winnings. There would otherwise be some other ways to pursue the fun element if it was indeed exclusively about fun, so we need to look at it and see it for what it is – taking a chance with a little bit of money with the hope of winning mega bucks!

In some instances serious gamblers play with sizeable amounts of money, which is fair enough because then it means they stand to win more should the luck of the draw fall in their favor. Either way, there is a relationship between the amount of time you spend on an online casino and the two identified aspects of gambling, which are fun and prospective winnings. That relationship has to do with odds as well as the fun factor, in that the longer you play and add to the sample size with each ‘spin’ event, the better your chances of using a winning statistical betting strategy. As far as the fun-factor goes, the more enjoyable the game you’re playing, the longer you can spend on it without getting bored or losing focus, which in turn means you have longer to establish the mentioned statistical sample size.

Prolonging your online casino game time with the best online casino bonuses

Using some of the best online casino bonuses, you can prolong the time you spend on the selected online casinos you’re building up your sample size on, in order to take advantage of the mentioned statistical betting methodology. It’s a simple matter of having more credit to bet with, which means you can place smaller bets with real money and benefit from being able to analyze a greater sample size of going through more spin cycles.

Sometimes the bonuses you’d get aren’t exactly presented to you as credit with which you can bet, but they can still be used in this fashion because they come as extra spins, bonus rounds, etc. As long as you can prolong a betting streak with as few interruptions in play as possible then you’re honoring the laws of mathematical statistics as applied in gambling to create betting odds.

Sample-size analysis in action

To get into a bit more detail on the topic of statistical sample-size and the subsequent strategy implementation, odds-based favorites which are available in most good online casinos like the roulette come into view. So what happens is if you were to count the number of times each number comes up, the greater the sample size, the more pronounced proven statistical principles become visible. So if the sample size was really, really big, then each number would pop up depicting a trend that nears an equal number of times.

That’s why bettors who win more money than they lose will sometimes put down bigger bets on specific numbers or spins, as they will have observed that a certain number “is overdue, due to not having popped up for a while.”