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Why are Hoodies Popular as Promotional Merchandise?

Apart from shirts, several companies consider giving out hoodies as promotional merchandise. They can use their company name and logo on the hoodie. Anyone wearing the hoodie can display your company’s name anywhere they go and increase the chances that people will be more aware that your business exists. These are other reasons why companies consider personalised hoodies printing for promotional purposes.

Hoodies are cool 

If there is one item in their closet that young people do not want to let go of, it will probably be a hoodie. They look cool when they wear one. They can match hoodies with whatever they wear and use them wherever they go.

Hoodies are versatile 

You can use a hoodie when you are in a bad mood, and you do not want anyone to see you. It is also an excellent idea to wear one if it is quite chilly outside and you want to keep yourself warm. Whether you are meeting your friend at a coffee shop or you want to shop in a local store, you can wear a hoodie. The versatility of a hoodie makes it even more interesting to wear and appealing to a lot of people.

Hoodies are affordable 

When handing out promotional merchandise, companies need to consider the return of investment. It is crucial to check how much they will spend and what they are getting in return. Although most hoodies are slightly more expensive than regular shirts, there is a greater chance that people will wear them. Besides, if you are planning to buy in bulk for mass distribution, you can get a discounted price.

Anyone can wear a hoodie 

Although hoodies are popular among younger people, it does not mean the older ones would not want to receive a free hoodie and wear it. Therefore, if your target market is quite diverse and you do not want to distribute different items for free, you can stick with a hoodie, and it will be good enough to appeal to all.

You can launch a competition 

If you want to be selective about who receives the free hoodie, you can begin an online contest. The winner gets a free hoodie. Since you are giving away an exciting item, you can expect more people to join the competition. It is not easy convincing everyone to take part in a contest where they have to exert an effort to win. However, if they realise that something exciting is at stake if they win, they might reconsider their plans.

Give hoodies a try and see how they can help promote your brand. Make sure though that you focus on a quality design. If you give out hoodies and the design is dull, no one will wear them. Ask the other people in your team how they feel about the final design. You can also consult with the young people in your group and ask if they would probably wear the hoodie if they received it.

Image: Unsplash.com