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Why Healthureum is an Idea Whose Time Has Come

The block chain-systemized healthureum is one of the most progressive innovations of the 21st century. Coming at a time when healthcare has been crowded with many misnomers. From the management of the health records to the corruption witnessed in the sector through manipulation of data through inaccurate medical claims. Numerous lives have been lost due to such, and therefore the world’s healthcare sector is a subject that needs a remedy. This is why the token-based healthcare system is coming as an answer to such and other a million questions/issues.

A world currency

With this system, the world will have a currency under which to reward service transparently. Whatever service you offer, it will be captured in the system, and an equivalent appreciation is done through the ethereal tokens.

The patient is King in Healthureum

Healthureum is a game changer; the owners of the health facilities and the service providers have run health care predominantly. Patients have been left at the mercies of the provider and most of the times misused. It is in this sector where we have seen mediocrity in service provision. Emergencies are treated just like ordinary sicknesses, records hidden to protect critical information that is not favorable to the providers. When healthureum takes over, the patient will take control in decision-making, he/she will be able to decide on who should attend to them.

Healthureum- Governments’ future tool for healthcare management

This crypto-based ecosystem is something that governments need to adopt throughout the world for better services. The system characterized by its ability to store data in the block chains and therefore it is a real-time system and the data is encrypted both on and off the block chains. Massive files like the MRI scans are stored separately with encrypted links. This is to avoid overloading the system hence leading to underperformance. This is a watertight platform that the government can easily audit and therefore make better decisions on healthcare provisions. The leakages witnessed in the existing systems will be outdated. There will be no trading in currencies offline since all the funds shall be converted into healthureum tokens and released through the system. Its interoperability will allow the respective officials follow through the utilization hence no wastage. You can view site here.

Medical attention from anywhere

The healthureum ecosystem will open up healthcare provision so that it becomes limitless. Here, you will be able to receive medical care from any practitioner anywhere in the world. This will be through video consultation that will cut down on the strain and the cost of traveling. You will get to tune through your mobile and connect to your preferred health care attendant.

Way forward

For this godsend innovation to work, a lot of sensitization needs to be done especially in the developing world. Many of the people do not know the working of, and, in many countries’ central banks, it has not been adopted as a currency of transaction. A lot of awakening needs to be done through all forms of media and lobbying done through the arms of government responsible for decision-making. A lot of investment will be required to pilot in selected healthcare facilities around the world and after that rolled out to the rest of the world.