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Why the Financial Sector is a Mirror of the Gambling Industry

In order to beat the institutionalised system you’ll probably still need to either have quite a bit of capital at your disposal or some good numbers on your side by way of people who share your ideologies about the financial sector. These would be ideologies which drive a desire for you as the consumer to get more out of the financial sector than what is currently afforded to you by default, i.e. getting a much fairer deal which puts you in line to accumulate a little bit of wealth for yourself as well.

With this in mind then it’s worth noting just how comparable the financial sector is with how the gambling industry works, something which tends to make the understanding thereof that much easier since the analogies contained within the gambling industry are a lot more straight-forward and simple.

The “house” always wins

Just as is the case with the casino industry, in the financial sector it is the institutions providing the financial services which make the big bucks. Banks in particular are in the business of purely making money using other people’s money, so whatever it is they advise you to do as their customer ultimately benefits them more than it benefits you. So this means that if you wanted to make some serious money you’d have to try and find a way to jump the fence and somehow be part of the financial services provider’s line-up as opposed to slumming it as a consumer.

Find a way to get your (big) slice of the action

That said however, just as is the case with casinos, you most definitely can get in on the action and get a big slice of the action for yourself. Notice how I said get a slice of the “action” and not a slice of the pie, because it is indeed about liquidity and not about capital. A CFD trader for example who gets lucky can definitely get a big slice of what the financial system at large is dealing with, as is the case with a gambler.

It’s a capital-extensive sector

This is a simple matter of those who have more capital to invest and take risks with having a bigger safety net to fall back on and gaining access to bigger potential returns should those risks within the sector pay off, just as is the case with placing bets.

The numbers and volume keep the wheels turning

Critical mass means bigger jackpots in the casino industry just as it means bigger trading markets to play in the financial sector or more clients to charge fees such as commissions or bank charges.

So this should certainly give you something to think about, shouldn’t it? Look at any institution or service provider operating within the financial sector and substitute the fundamentals with this review of LeoVegas. These fundamental details you substitute will reveal to you just how similar the casino industry is to the typical operational structure of any common financial institution such as a bank, except different official terms are used, i.e. interest earned versus deposit bonus, etc.