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Dont Forget About That When You Gamble

Have you tried online gambling yet? If you have not, you have missed out on an experience that you would enjoy. Online casinos are like the traditional kind. They offer slots of all sorts including progressive jackpot slots that are interconnected with other casinos. They also have video poker, keno, roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker rooms with all of the poker games you love.

A big difference between regular casinos and online casinos is that you cannot touch the machines. What difference does this make? Some players have always felt that they could tell when a machine was “loose” by touching the front of the machine. The hotter the machine; the looser the slots. Of course, this is a gambling myth. You cannot tell if a machine will pay off just from the heat it generates. At land casinos, there is a small possibility of slot cheating.

Video poker machines are very popular. People who are just a little afraid to get into a poker game will play video poker for hours. This is the most popular type of casino machine at this time. Poker machines come in all denominations. You can usually play a video poker machine longer than you can play another type of slot machine. You won’t make as much money on video poker unless you hit a royal flush.

Video blackjack (also known as 21 or vingt-et-un) only uses one 52-card deck. The deck is shuffled before each hand and this makes card counting impossible.

When you are playing online slots or video poker machines you have to know what you are doing. It isn’t just about pushing the button to put in the money.

If you want a chance to become rich with one push of a button: play progressive jackpot machines.

If you desire to win a certain amount of money; look for a standalone jackpot of a certain amount.

Look at the machine BEFORE you play and understand it.

If you are playing a multi-coin machine it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be certain that all coins you have input have been credited before pressing the button to play.

Understand what this statement really means “Malfunction voids all plays”.

Any US casino player must consider the silent partner in all plays the IRS.

Online casinos have removed the need to “tip” casino personnel. This is #1 as far as I am concerned.