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What Is the Most Crucial Quality Needed in an Entrepreneur?

If you are on the cusp of making that jump from an employee to an entrepreneur, you will no doubt have done some extensive research and soul searching before arriving at this final stage. But perhaps you are still searching for the answer to that all-important question you have been asking since you set out on your entrepreneurial discovery; what one quality is essential for the modern-day entrepreneur?

Though becoming a successful entrepreneur requires a variety of skills, qualities and overall knowledge, if I had to whittle it down to just one, I would say the most crucial of all the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur is a determination. Pure and simple, sheer determination to make it on this path.

Why Those Without the Desire to Succeed Will Ultimately Fail

Many people often look at the entrepreneur route because they are fed up with working for other people and want to go it alone. But, to go it alone means you must successfully overcome a multitude of barriers that stand in your way. How strong your determination is to overcome these barriers will ultimately prove how strong your determination is to succeed in this thoroughly exciting way of life.

Other People’s Opinions and Attitudes:

Whilst it should not matter what other people say or think of you and your decisions, we are all human beings at the end of the day, so admittedly it does. Whilst taking on board a healthy dose of constructive criticism is okay, you will often find on the entrepreneur path that people can be scathing in their thoughts on the matter.

You may find that you breeze through this part, simply discarding those negative comments and attitudes. Yet, when it is ongoing, and you have a bad day, it can leave you with a nagging doubt as to whether you are doing the right thing, after all, if so many people continue to say the same thing repeatedly, you may think there is something of value in it.

This is perhaps worse when it is a family member or close friends that are making the comments or not coming across as entirely supportive as you would have hoped. Regardless of whether it immediately affects you or not, you must grit your teeth and stay determined to your course throughout this transition period.


  • Remind yourself every morning when you wake up, why you took this decision and repeat it throughout the course of the day.
  • Keep this mantra firmly in your head and repeat it to anybody who questions your decisions.
  • Keep something visual near you always to remind you, when things get tough, why you are doing this.
  • Find yourself a mentor who can guide you through your journey, and reach out to the entrepreneur community so you know you are not the only person taking this route.

Understand that those closet to you may just be looking out for you, and will want you to succeed, but they perhaps don’t go about it the best way! It is worth remembering here that change and anything that goes against the norm frightens some people. Give them time to adjust to it.

Finally, remember that some people will just be jealous that you have done something about your dreams and are trying to turn them into reality. You can’t please everyone, so don’t waste your precious time trying. After all, you will soon be having the last laugh!

The Realization of Going It Alone

A few weeks into your entrepreneur path, you may find you have a huge attack of doubt. Speaking from experience, for those who have taken a different route from what the average person does, we have all experienced that crippling negative emotion. It usually arrives a few weeks into your new venture, when things are going okay but you then realize that you are well and truly working on your own.

It is almost like a crisis realization – you have in fact done it and have been doing so on your own for a month or so now. You have five minutes to sit back and just ponder your progress and then reality hits you. You’ve made that leap – you and you unaccompanied. But, once the adrenaline subsides, the nagging doubt begins to creep in.

There is probably a technical term for this stage; if not, it should be invented! Many a successful entrepreneur will tell you they’ve experienced it too. But, it is all part of the parcel of having faith in yourself and making that move into the sometimes unknown.


  • It is worth telling yourself that you are going to hit this stage at some point, whether you like it or not, so prepare for it beforehand.
  • Stay calm and tell yourself this moment will pass; because it will. This is just a temporary blip which you just need to get through.
  • Don’t dwell on these feelings and don’t allow them to take hold.
  • Deal with your doubt head on and continue with your work.
  • Once the time has passed, assess what it was that sparked your fears and perhaps note the episode down. Think of it as once you’ve written it down, you can then scrap the piece of paper or even burn it and the episode is done.
  • Remember, nobody else but yourself needs to know about this temporary lack of self-confidence.

If you have determination, you will succeed at your goals. So, dust yourself off and get back on it. You wanted this way of life and with that determination, you will own this way of life.