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Crazy but Lucrative Business Ideas

After winning that real money from online casino gaming, you want to keep the money coming in by starting your own business. If you are looking for something that is fun and yet lucrative, then this is the perfect article for you right now. Here are some of the different business ideas that you might think to be crazy, but will give you a lot of money.

Potato Post Cards

It turns out that potatoes were not only supposed to be eaten. You can even get to use them as post cards as well. There is a company that was created for sending messages on potatoes. And, it turns out that this is giving them a large amount of money as well. Therefore, you might want to try this out as well and see how well it will go.

A Fake Wishbone

There are ties whereby you just want to make a wish but you do not want to violate nature in the process. Wishbones are quite hard to come by, but they are quite popular and most people make use of them during thanksgiving.  Therefore, someone decided to take the guilt off you by making fake versions of wishbones.


Who said that human eyes are the only things that need protecting? Dogs go out as well and at time they stay out in the sun and under harsh weather. Then, why not buy doggles for your fury friends. The best part is that they can be pretty cool as well. And, if you want, you can go ahead and match up with your friend to create the ultimate best friend matching look just like doing best online slots match up.

Chia Pets

Imagine getting to own a pet that grows grass instead of fur. This is one unique artefact that you can get to keep in your house. The best part is that the accessories are rare to come by, therefore, it can be an interesting piece for your home. And, if they start inquiring where you found it from, then you can just sell it to them.