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How to Check if a String Contains another String in PHP

Many of us who are highly qualified and skillful but unable to find a good job. While there is nothing wrong with their qualification or knowledge, there is something very wrong with the approach they take when they appear in an interview. Some people tend to miss the basics of the subjects and hence they cannot pass their interview with flying colors. Not only the technical subjects but you also need to be efficient with non-technical basics so that you can handle the questions of the interviewer confidently.

Fresh graduates are depending on the knowledge and information that they get either from their seniors or teachers. While the information is super helpful to prepare for the interview, it is still not enough. Your senior might be working in a firm as a business analyst and he/she prepared for the interview of the same post while you are aiming to secure a job as a developer therefore you need to prepare adopting a different approach. If you are in development or coding area then you need to be sure that you cover every aspect of coding. A very common question asked during developer interviews is to check if a PHP String Contains another string in it. IT firms and companies aim to hire a graduate who has not only obtained a degree but has developed skills as well. The more skillful you are, the more chances you have to get a good job with promising future.

Mostly graduates who score well during their degree but fail to get an equally good job is because they do not know the art of answering the questions correctly. This is mostly because they do not know how to tackle the interview questions correctly. If you are applying for the job of a developer or programmer, you should know about the programming languages, how they differ from each other and which language is preferred to perform a specific task, which languages will be the future of coding, which will die out with time and which have the most potential to progress. A person who deals with sever side development work and data should be aware of PHP, Apache and all the options that it gives to install, configure and make an apache server secure. You can also be asked about a programming code in a language and told to tell the function of that code or command. In these cases, the interviewer expects the candidate to know at least the basics of everything that they ask. In case you don’t, it will leave a very bad impression.

There are many ways to know if a string contains another string and a person can use any of these methods to find out. Every string function is a little different from the other one however all of the functions can give the required result. If you are looking to find if the string is case sensitive there are functions available for it as well.