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4 Tips for Using Booked Accommodation as an Office

When most people take a trip, they go on vacation and spend little time in the accommodation itself. However, some people need to travel for business, and that can mean using the place you’re staying as an office as well as a place to sleep. Here are just four top tips when you’ll be using […]

Should you use an online estate agent?

If you look around online, it’s easy to see that online estate agents have become increasingly popular these days. The principal draw is the lure of seemingly lower fees compared to traditional high street estate agents, during a period when you have to fork out for so many different services.

Show homes: the job that pays you to nose around

A new website lets you conduct viewings as a part-time estate agent

Why selling your home is a fine art

A tasteful collection can add to a property’s appeal, rather than put buyers off