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Insurance Tips

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Most Common Injuries Caused in Car Accidents in Rochester

Even if you are doing everything right, it is still possible for accidents to happen when you are driving. A car will malfunction, or there might be human error involved. These accidents can lead to severe injuries that will take time to heal and leave scars that will not disappear. Car accidents can cause spinal […]

3 Things To Consider When Renewing Your Car Insurance

If you own a car, you’ve got to pay for car insurance. And while this insurance can help to offset the costs of getting into a car accident, it can also be a large monthly expense that you have to pay without ever knowing if you’ll ever actually use what you’re paying for. Because of […]

5 Basic Types of Insurance You Should Consider No Matter What

In most cases, life usually throws you unexpected. It’s normal that you can’t control some of these situations, but you can take some precaution. Now, when you hear of protection, the first thing that comes into your mind is insurance, and yes, it’s insurance. An insurance cover will always protect you from serious problems.

6 Myths About Financial Advisors You Need to Know

When it comes to figuring out your finances, it’s easy to get led astray. There are so many blatant myths about money, debt, investing and more. How should you begin? Darla Pellerselsa very long time financial adviser and president of Prosperity Financial Associates at Henderson, Nevada, says it’s important to educate yourself regarding financing and […]

Is business travel insurance worth it?

Travelling abroad for work can already be a stressful time. It’s not like heading away on holiday; you’re representing your company in, potentially, an area you’re not familiar with. Although it does have it’s perks I’m sure, maybe you get to fly in a private jet (possibly booked on Jettly or a similar private jet […]

Critical Illness Health Insurance- Why it Makes Sense?

Critical Illness Health Insurance is basically what it says on the tin – insurance coverage for specific illnesses forming part of those listed in the insurance policy. Typically these are critical illnesses, but while we’re at it with the different terms for this type of insurance, it’s sometimes also referred to as Critical Illness Cover […]

Tis the season to review your insurance

The last thing you are likely to be thinking about when your brain is full of turkey, shopping lists and sparkly M&S partywear is home insurance. However, insurers are warning customers to give their policy some attention or face a huge bill come January. Burglary claims in December last year cost Halifax 1.6 million, with […]