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The Best Ways to Make Money in College

Sometimes it’s hard to rely on the monthly allowance your parents give you whilst in college. There is a point where you feel you need more things to help you with your schoolwork. You might be seeking for funds to cater for your project and the money from home is not enough. Then the question […]

Important factors to include in your Forex trading journal

The Forex market can make your life better. Just by having a real trading account, you can start participating in the trading business and start making some big profits. For that, you must have strong analytical skills. Trading emotions or gut feelings is not going to help. Sadly, the new traders become too much emotion […]

Why Do Jewels Hold Their Value So Well?

  • March 9, 2020
  • boss
If you have ever considered the different types of investment possibilities, then you probably eventually thought about jewels. And you may have wondered why they tend to hold their value so well. There are lots of different explanations for this. Still, as an investor, it’s almost better to think of the topic broadly rather than […]

6 Most Common Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt

More and more people are going bankrupt at an alarming rate in the United States. According to statistics, more than a million people file for bankruptcy every single year. Interestingly, individuals tend to file more than businesses So what is it that’s making all these people run out of money? Take a look at some […]

Personal Finance Tips For Middle-Aged Adults

Moving into the middle of your life can induce some very strong feelings about where you are in your financial development.  Other questions and concerns may run through your mind, but your financial health is one of the most significant building blocks of a solid foundation.   Stability is even more important as you age, and […]

3 Urgent Situations that Can Cost You Money Because of Your Car

Ideally, you have a pretty stable concept of how much money goes into and out of your various accounts each month. However, stability only goes so far if you run into any urgent or unusual situation. As an example, there are several situations that you can get into involving your car that can hit you […]

5 Important Reasons To Keep A Stash Of Cash

You probably already understand that saving money is a good thing, but do you really understand the full breadth of the reasoning.  It “seems” like a great thing to do, but there are several vital reasons you need to have access to a stash of cash on occasion.   You never know what life will throw […]

5 Ways To Save Money For Home Improvement Projects

If you’ve been wanting to remodel the kitchen for ages, it’s time you stop wanting.  Start “doing,” and delve into the various ways in which homeowners can save/find money to pay for crucial home improvement projects.   Sometimes home improvement isn’t really an option but a need.  Check out a brief look at some of the […]

4 Subscriptions To Save Cash on Life Expenses

You may have noticed that more of your life comes through subscriptions now. Gone are the days of simply buying something once. Now there are monthly recurring fees. This has positives and negatives.  If you can’t afford the whole cost of something right away, splitting it up into a subscription is great. But, once you […]

4 Times Insurance Can Save You From Bankruptcy

Nobody really likes paying for insurance. It can seem like a completely unnecessary expense. What are you paying for after all? You put money into a lot of different insurance companies, but you don’t get anything back. There is no physical item for you to grab onto. There is no product or service that you […]