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Small Business

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Crowdfunding and Alternative Methods for Funding a UK Small Business

It seems as though new avenues for funding as becoming available to new and established businesses throughout the UK fairly consistently. However, one of the most notable over the last decade has been the introduction of crowdfunding. Businesses in nearly any industry and of any size may be able to utilise crowdfunding to help push […]

Guidance On Managing Your Small Business Finances

Money management is a paramount skill to capture in any size business, but it is even more pertinent when you’re working with a smaller operation.  It takes a much smaller discrepancy in your finances to take down a small business. Always make financial management a top priority.  If you’re somewhat inexperienced and still getting used […]

Ombudsman may be able to help more small companies

Small business advisers have expressed cautious support for a proposal to extend the remit of the Financial Ombudsman Service to allow it to help more companies to resolve disputes.