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Can You Make a Living Trading Shares?

The stock market is an exciting place full of thrilling opportunities to build wealth. However, many investors have found themselves asking whether it’s possible to not just design a strategy for the future through shares, but also make a consistent living too. The idea that you might be able to quit your job and make […]

Blogging as a Business: What to Write About

  • December 4, 2017
  • boss
Blogging is an extremely popular thing these days, as it draws people’s attention to the writer. People have a lot to say about their lives, jobs, ideas, families, etc. However, one of the main reasons for creating blogs and promoting them is earning money, not only sharing experience and information.

Self-employed Catalans go out of business as crisis hits their powerhouse economy

Catalonia is losing 40 self-employed workers a day as the region’s economy falters amid the political turmoil and companies move to other parts of Spain.

Self-employment can be a sweet gig

Keen to become your own boss? Here’s how to make the ‘gig economy’ work for you

Union stands up for (self-employed) bosses

A workers’ co-operative has joined forces with a trade union to create a new kind of service