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Build A Better Business Website With These Helpful Design Tips

In this modern technology-driven time, it’s vital that every business (no matter the industry) build a visual presence online.  Your business website is ground zero for developing a strong digital presence, and you want to make sure it is done right.

For small business owners, the burden of design often falls on the owner’s shoulders.  Take some time to educate yourself now, and check out a short summary, featuring some of the most vital design elements of a successful business website.  

Navigation is a foundational concept

Every website needs a method of movement, so visitors can fully explore what your site has to offer.  Adding a stationary navigation bar to your website’s layout will give web users a simple way to move throughout your website’s content.  

Also referred to as a floating navigation bar, adding this element should remain fairly simple.  Don’t get too creative with navigation, or you may inadvertently turn some users off with the complication.  

Design for communication

Communication is a foundational aspect of your business as a whole.  Your website’s design should encourage engagement and communication at every digital twist and turn.  

In addition to the traditional “Contact Us” page, add a phone number to your homepage.  Add a shortened contact form to other frequently visited spaces on your website, and do the most with the information you gather.  

Create engaging content to draw interest

It makes logical sense that the most content your business has online, the more likely web users are to come across your material.  When you create informative, engaging content for your business website, you give visitors a reason to stay longer.

Add a “Blog” section to your navigation bar, and fill it with insightful posts on a regular basis.  Like this business blog shows, your posts should be relative to the industry in which your business operates.  Learn how to use your blog posts to build a working web of backlinks, and get the most out of your business blog this year.

Optimize your design for mobile use

Mobile access to the internet is far more prevalent than PCs and laptops, so it wouldn’t make sense to post content that isn’t set up for mobile web users.  Optimization isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Add media queries to your design coding, and set your business up for success.  Media queries give your website the ability to detect and adjust to the size of the screen currently accessing the pages of your site, so users don’t see a jumbled mess of text.  

Learn the concepts of SEO

Search engine optimization is a set of concepts you should commit to memory before launching your finished product.  Any content your organization posts online should be fully optimized to the standards of SEO for maximum efficiency.