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Blogging as a Business: What to Write About

  • December 4, 2017
  • boss

Blogging is an extremely popular thing these days, as it draws people’s attention to the writer. People have a lot to say about their lives, jobs, ideas, families, etc. However, one of the main reasons for creating blogs and promoting them is earning money, not only sharing experience and information. So, blogging as a business becomes quite a successful niche, some people even put “blogger” into their “occupation” fields on social media profiles.

It may also be a good start for a larger business you might plan. Many successful bloggers open their own shops or cafes after gaining some profit and popularity. But what can a person having an ordinary life write about?

3 Ideas for a Blog That Will Fit Anyone

The thing is, no one is quite ordinary, as everyone has their own habits, family traits, job approaches, etc. Try to derive a topic from any sphere of your life that may become interesting to readers. For example:

  • Write about your job and how you approach it.
    Even the most boring jobs may draw interest if you share your unique knowledge about it. Write about how you got the job, what are the secrets of getting a good reputation in your occupation field. Also, recall some funny stories or people that are connected to your job to diversify your blog.
  • Writing about your family/parenting tips.
    If you have some tricks calming your child down or you want to share the info about useful equipment for a baby, do it! One of the successful examples is a blogger Sophie van der Linden and her pack n play reviews She goes through dozens of reviews and creates TOP articles for playards with different features, like a TOP for the best pack and play with a changing table, or a storage, or a napper.
  • Writing about your traveling experience.
    Do you travel to meet a friend or on a business trip? Write about your experience from your unique point of view. Make the purpose of your trips your main topic and share some tips or useful stories. Also, another great option to try is ask your readers to share their stories as well.

These ideas may be quite basic, but if you put one of them through your own life, worldview, and experience, you’ll find out how interesting you can be. Make your blog diverse with different tone of stories, do Q&As, promote, and you’ll have all the chances of becoming successful and make blogging your main business.