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Best Cooking Games on Xbox One

We love video games due to the fact that they are so versatile. If you visit a site similar to Gamulator (gamulator.com/roms/gamecube), you can see a ton of video games for a host of different gaming consoles to match your mood, whether it’s Nintendo or Xbox. That means, if you want a racing game, you will find it, and if you are looking for an apocalyptic game, you will find it as well.

If you love to cook, the exciting news is that there are some cooking games on Xbox one for you to enjoy. Listed below are some of the best cooking games on Xbox One. You can try them out during your aussie online pokies gaming break.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

This cooking game is quite intense and will give you an immersive cooking experience on your console. In the game, you will get your own restaurant that you must manage. Each day, you must open your restaurant to the public, where you must put your cooking skills to work, serving the public.

There is also an interesting twist in the game, where your restaurant might close down because the SherriSoda Tower executives are up to some shady deals. This is where you have to fight with all you have in order to keep your restaurant open.


What we really loved about this game is the fact that you are able to play it with friends and family as well. In the game, you get the chance to become an actual chef. That means you will get to experience exactly how it feels to be in the kitchen preparing dishes for your customers. Failure to deliver the orders on time means that you will lose your customers, so have to be really quick.

Unlike in best online casino games (online slots), in this game, you get the chance to cook your way up, passing various levels in the game while showing off your cooking skills. This game will require you to be very quick in order to serve all customers on time.