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Auto accident in Spokane: The cost of PI lawyers

If you have sustained injuries and losses in an unfortunate car accident in Spokane, you should consider talking to an attorney. Such accidents, crashes, and collisions often happen in Washington and stem from a driver’s fault or action. When there are clear signs that the other driver was negligent, you have to take steps to protect your rights. People often step back from calling a personal injury law firm because they are worried about the costs. What does it cost to lawyer up for your auto accident case? In this post, we are sharing an overview for your help. 

No upfront or hourly fee

Typically, when you hire a lawyer, you pay them for the number of hours they work for. This is called an hourly rate and is the standard for most civil and criminal lawyers. If the case is a simple one, or the lawyer doesn’t expect much work, they may charge a flat fee at times. Nevertheless, you are expected to pay the lawyer in advance. That’s not the case with PI lawyers. Almost all personal injury lawyers in Washington charge a contingency fee. In such an arrangement, the lawyer only gets paid after the client wins. If you lose the case and don’t make a recovery, your lawyer cannot demand a fee, no matter how hard they have worked. 

The contingency fee

The contingency fee of an attorney depends on several factors. For instance, if the car accident involved a bunch of vehicles and drivers, your lawyer will have to work considerably hard to determine fault and liability. Besides the complications of the case, the experience of an attorney can also influence the contingency fee they charge. In general, the range is between 25% and 40%. Most lawyers will explain their fee in advance. If the case requires further spending, your lawyer can advance the same until the other party or their insurer pays you. 

Get a free consultation session

Now that you know of the contingency fee, you should also know that the first meeting with PI lawyers in Spokane doesn’t have to cost a penny. You can get a free evaluation of your case, where the lawyer will explain the possible outcomes and the worth of your claim. 

No lawyer can ever claim that they can get you a certain amount in a settlement, but they can significantly improve your chances of getting fairly compensated for your damages and injuries.