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When we first created scottandterry.com we secretly hoped that we would reach a few hundred visitors at least with our unique website. You can only then imagine our reaction to finding out through our monthly data reports that this website is amassing a grand total of 11,800 unique visitors per month, and is continuing to grow!

This impressive figure immediately got us thinking that we had the opportunity to further help businesses and individuals by offering up a part of the website to advertising. If you have a product or service to offer our visitors, or you would simply like to promote your company name, get in touch to discuss the possibilities of advertising on this website.

We made the decision to monetize scottandterry.com, purely to generate a small amount of income which would allow us to continue with the upkeep and maintenance of the website. We made sure from the very start that all advertisements were relevant to the interests of our customers – and the feedback from everyone has been astounding!

What Advertising on scottandterry.com Can Do for Your Business

If you choose to purchase advertising space on this website, you immediately gain instant access to 11,800 plus customers. Our visitors are just waiting to find that next financial or business-related product or service which is going to make their work or lives so much easier.

The community of scottandterry.com is vast and knowledgeable, so when they come across a greatly placed advert that relates to their circumstances and offers a solution, they will think nothing of letting their colleagues and friends know.

If 11,800 plus customers all talk about your advert and recommend your products and services to others, you can only imagine the subsequent surge of custom your company could receive – and all through placing one advertisement on the correctly chosen website!

Advertising Online Is Cost-Effective

When any company advertises their services or products, they want to ensure they are advertising in the right place – that place is where their potential customers are. With people now shunning newspapers, magazines and even high-streets in favor of the internet, where better than to place your advertisement than the wonderful world wide web!

By choosing scottandterry.com for your advertising needs, we can assure you of a cost-effective and correctly tailored advertising campaign with the potential to reach thousands of paying customers. With no need to deal with costly advertising agencies, all you need to do is decide on your advert, and we will take care of the rest.