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5 features of a great office

A business is only as good as its workspace. A dull or uninspired working environment is much more likely to result in an unengaged workforce, whilst putting a bit of time and effort into improving your office space can boost both moral and productivity within your business.

This is especially true if you are a small business which is continuing to grow. Where once you might have gotten away with working from home on your own laptop, introducing a wider team into your business means it’s important to have a suitable hub where most of the activity occurs.

The first step is making sure you have the right office space. Options like commercial bridging loans from trusted providers such as Glenhawk can give you the financial support you need to invest in the very best office space for your business. From there, consider these 5 factors in order to make your office environment perfect.


The best office promotes leadership, meaning you need to have the means to present a clear vision of the company to your employees and update them regularly on how things are developing. You should also encourage leadership in others, giving them the chance to have the floor and suggest possible courses of action which you may not have thought of yourself. This will help your team feel both appreciated and motivated, which is one of the most important achievements you can make as an employer.

Purposeful work

When you designate tasks to team members, it is important to let them know why the work needs to be done and why you think they are the best person to do it. This kind of positive reinforcement will give your team the drive to get their tasks done as efficiently as possible to the highest standard. This means having an office space which promotes productivity with effective workspaces and high speed connections.


The very best companies are the ones which create systems to make sure that employees are continuously recognised for their efforts. Just as you would make a point of highlighting a task which wasn’t completed correctly, you should also offer recognition for times when you were impressed by the efforts of your team. Genuine recognition, both one on one and in front of peers, is a great way to let people know that they matter and are appreciated.

A unique environment

Whilst the work-life balance is important, the best working environments are the once which integrate the two by creating a seamless experience for employees both inside and outside the office. To truly flourish today, your workspace should be a place where your team members actually want to spend their time, and should therefore be set up to both reflect their tastes and encourage behaviours which support company values. A business which thrives on communication can benefit from an open plan layout, whereas one which works longer hours might benefit from comfortable seating and lots of lighting options.

A chance to grow

If you want your employees to stick with your business for the long haul, you need to make sure they feel like they have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Immersing your team in growth culture will make them feel like their managers want them to grow for their own sake, rather than just for the company’s success. The same is true of your workspace. Find somewhere which can be altered as your business grows. It might have enough space for your team’s needs now, but will that still be the case five years from now?