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4 Subscriptions To Save Cash on Life Expenses

You may have noticed that more of your life comes through subscriptions now. Gone are the days of simply buying something once. Now there are monthly recurring fees. This has positives and negatives. 

If you can’t afford the whole cost of something right away, splitting it up into a subscription is great. But, once you get a lot of these subscriptions together, it starts to add up. That’s why you want to be very careful that you always choose subscriptions that make economic sense.

Start with four that might come to mind. You can subscribe to get various razors and razor blades. You can subscribe to digital news instead of getting a newspaper. You can be smart about which entertainment streaming services you have. And finally, you can subscribe to food delivery services, so you have an excellent idea each month of what your food budget is going to be.

Razors and Razor Blades

Subscriptions for razors and razor blades are becoming much more prevalent these days. Razors are something that you will always need to be replaced. Rather than buying them at the store all the time, you can find dollar shave club competitors that produce exactly what you need every month. With a little bit of experimentation, you’ll figure out exactly where the costs and benefits are, and choose a subscription-style that makes the most sense.

News Subscriptions

How much money do you spend on newspapers and magazines every month? The number can be quite high. Instead of getting physical versions, why not subscribe to digital news? The prices are more reasonable, you don’t have to deal with paper waste at your home, and you can search through and scroll the news whenever you are around your mobile phone or a desktop computer.

Entertainment Streaming Services

Which are the best entertainment streaming services? Which are the most expensive? Which are the most economical regarding finances? Ideally, you’ll find a balance of getting all of the entertainment and shows that you want at a price that you can afford. 

By adding or subtracting streaming services in the right order, you can cut down on your monthly expenses by quite a bit. Especially if you are cutting out cable, you can save hundreds of dollars per month.

Food Delivery

Another exciting way to save money with subscriptions is by joining a food delivery service. Several different ones are probably already available in your area. For a certain amount of money per meal, they get delivered to you in a prepackaged format so that there is no waste. You get to make specific recipes conveniently instead of trying to figure out how to get separate ingredients at the store.