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3 Ways To Encourage Your Employees To Be Safer While At Work

Whether you work in a physically dangerous environment or are simply an owner or manager at an office building, it’s important that you know how to best keep your employees safe while on the clock. However, even if you’re trying your best to ensure that everyone who works for you is safe, there’s only so much you can do without the compliance of each and everyone member of your staff. So to help keep you from having to do too much workers’ compensation paperwork or from gaining a reputation as an unsafe work environment, here are three ways you can encourage your employees to be safer while at work.

Be An Example Of Correct Safety Principles

Before you can expect your staff to follow the safety rules you’ve put in place, you first have to follow those rules yourself. According to USA Today, this means more than just doing things like wearing ear protection when that’s a behavior that you expect of others. Being an example of correct safety principles includes doing things like offering help or guidance where someone might not be sticking strictly to the safety guidelines you’re showcasing and making sure that you yourself are aware of national or state standards for safety. If you aren’t taking it upon yourself to be in the know, how can you expect your employees to be doing that either?

Give Recognition When Procedures Are Followed

To further encourage your employees to know and follow the safety procedures set in your place of business, Julie Copeland, a contributor to Arbill.com, recommends that you give recognition to your staff members when they do follow procedures. This means taking your encouragement from simply correcting when you see something done wrong to openly praising when you see something done right. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be a big form of recognition, at least letting your staff member know that you noticed his or her effort to follow the safety guidelines as soon as you notice is happening can help to encourage more of this type of behavior in the future.

Ask Employees For Their Help Improving Safety Processes

If you’re having a particularly hard time getting your employees to follow the safety protocols that you’ve put in place, the staff of EHS Today suggests that you try involving your workers more in the process of creating the safety standards. By asking your staff members to do some of the problem solving for you and create their own safety guidelines, they will feel more invested in following these rules and helping you to enforce the safety procedures to other staff members.

If you want to have a safer organization, consider using the tips mentioned above to learn how you can better encourage your staff to adhere to safety protocols.