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3 Home-Based Business Ideas

With more and more people looking to escape the madness and traffic of going to the office every day, starting a home based business has become more and more realistic.  Not only does it offer flexibility in your schedule, but it can earn just as much if not more as a nine to five job which requires going to an office.

If you’re tired of doing something that you don’t feel a passion for and are interested in launching your own independent business, then perhaps it’s time to consider taking a chance!

Here are some of the most promising and legitimate business ideas that you can do from your very own home.  


Once upon a time coaches were just for sports teams.  Now people are turning to coaches for all sorts of things they’d like guidance for in their lives.  Not to be confused with counseling, coaching is all about focusing on measurable goals and achieving positive outcomes with an organized plan of action.  

 From business coaching to nutritional coaching, you can choose all sorts of areas of interest which you can specialize in.

Some people may have big ideas but aren’t sure how to transform an idea into its materialized form.  A coach is there to hold their hand and ensure that they get there through personalized information.

Yes, it’s true.  You can make money by helping others reach their goals and inspiring them to take the next step in their aspirations.

Airbnb Hosting

You’ve likely already heard about the website Airbnb which allows you to rent your home to travelers. Although many people’s first reaction may be that it sounds too scary to let strangers stay in their home, you have the ability to filter who you may or may not want to come into your home.  

By setting certain restrictions and requiring documentation and security measures it can be quite profitable.

You can list your home for any price you want for any amount of time that you’d like.  With their guest rating system, you can decide whether you want to approve or deny a request to stay at your home.

Selling Used Items

Do you have a passion for antiques or checking out garage sales?  If you’re someone who loves as to dig through piles and find treasures, then there is a lot of money to be made in this line of work.

You can sell things for hundreds more than you bought them at a garage sale.  Sometimes sellers don’t realize the value of what they’re selling, and with a good eye, you can identify a steal when you see one.

You can either resell them online or by starting an eBay account which gives you the freedom to sell all over the world.