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Don’t Let Employees Do the Cleaning

There are a lot of ways for companies to save money on expenses. You might opt for greener technology to reduce your electric bills. You might also reduce the number of employees in certain departments to promote efficiency. You might even invest in more modern technology to reduce labour.

What to do when your business starts to grow

So you’ve taken the plunge and started your own business, and it seems to be paying off. It’s not easy to make a success of your own business idea, so if you’re in this position you should be happy with yourself. However, it doesn’t mean the hard part is over. There are still plenty of […]

Things to Consider Before You Change Your Business Energy Supplier

2018’s energy market is certain to chart unexpected waters in the UK. Competitive markets are at each other’s throats with increasing energy prices seemingly in response to the recent advancements towards the energy price cap bill which could make things problematic for energy suppliers but beneficial to consumers who are facing the pressures of the […]

Burnish Your Reputation As a Great Employer: 6 Actionable Tips

Don’t see your company’s name on any best places to work lists yet? Keep working at it. Try these six strategies, listed here in no particular order, to burnish your reputation as an above-average employer. In a super-tight labor market, no amount of exposure is too little.

Why Does Your Conference Need its Own Wi-Fi?

Organising a Wi-Fi network is one of the key things that you need to take care of if you want your conference to be a success. If you think the added expense and effort isn’t worth it, consider these benefits.

Crisis looms for under-funded owners’ management companies

Owners’ management companies are required by law to have a sinking fund in order to be prepared for future large-scale expenditure

Rangers won’t rush decision on new manager

Mark Allen, the Rangers director of football, has revealed that the Ibrox club will take its time to appoint a new manager after Pedro Caixinha was sacked.

GAA managers from outside a county can succeed if they have passion

Two weeks ago the Westmeath County Board presented Colin Kelly, from Louth, as their new senior football manager.